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Destiny's new wizard101 fashion

“Stitching rocks! You can make so many up-stat outfits if you are willing to spend 300 crowns or more.

In this case, the hat (called HEADDRESS) was bought from the Thanksgiving vendor the previous year. it didn't cost too many crowns, and the good thing is that it can be re-used for stitching as many times as you want.

The robe is from Grizzleheim. I picked it up at the bazaar. It wasn't that expensive, especially not when dying it white before buying. The shoes are also from the Bazaar

The wand is from the crown shop and cost 5000 crowns, but since it does over a hundred damage it is more then worth its price. ”

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Wizard 101

Wizard 101 (PC)

Genre/Style: Unknown
Release Date: 01/JAN/08
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